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New Member

5512x power button / automatic power up

Hi guys.

We have one of the newer Cisco ASA 5512x Firewalls.

Unlike previous models this firewall has a "soft" power button.

The documentation indicates that once the button is pressed the power selection will remain ON.

In other words; in the event of a power cut, on resumption of power the unit will automatically power up.

During testing we observed this was normally the case.

However, in isolated test cases this did not occur.

Also we experience a number of power cuts in one of our sites and in the last 10 cuts; on 2 occassions the unit required manually intervention to start.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Are there any configuration settings or otherwise to hard code automatic power restoration?

Could the power cuts be causing the automatic power restoration to fail in some way?

I have found one other query in this area, but nothing concrete.

Thanks in advance for your help.


New Member

5512x power button / automatic power up

We are also seeing the issue, I also found the thread you mentioned before arriving at your thread.

Cisco, please give us some answers this is unacceptable. If my customer had TAC I would be straight on to them...

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