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5515-X IPS Licensing clarification

Hello all,

I am installing a new set of 5515-X ASAs to replace a 5510, and I'm a bit confused at how they are doing the licensing for the IPS. 

The box came with an anvelope for with a PAK for the IPS license.  However, it won't let me enter it on the licenseing website - it says that I "can't upgrade" this box.  When I look at the show version on the ASA, it shows that the the IPS is already licensed - but when I session over the IPS side, it says it has no license and that I need to install one.  Will it automagically call home to cisco and figure out it has a license once I plug this guy into the network, or will it start blocking traffic when I replace the current firewall?


5515-X IPS Licensing clarification

The PAK for IPS has been registered and installed before it was shipped to you, hence you are getting an error when registered it off to Cisco licensing. However, Cisco had to sent the PAK for IPS to you for your record just in case you needed to re-host the license.

The license you mentioned in the IPS itself is for the signature subscription which requres a separate license. You can request a 60-day trial license here -

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Please rate replies and mark question as "answered" if applicable.
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