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5520 etherchannel stateful failover

I am trying to setup an active/standby failover with 5520's running 8.4(2) and am having problems with it not dropping connections during the failover. I am using a portchannel from the switch to each ASA and using sub-interfaces off that.

I'm using the command

Failover mac address Port-Channel1 “mac-address on primary Port-Channel1“mac-address on standby Port-Channel1”

The command goes through but doing a show interface port-channel1 doesn't show a change in the mac address on the secondary unit after a failover when it becomes active.

Any help is appreciated



Re: 5520 etherchannel stateful failover

Statefull information does not contain any application data, so the bw requirements are low!

I have a 1gb Internet connection that is utilised 80% all the time and I just have a 1gb failover, and it works 100% for me.


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Re: 5520 etherchannel stateful failover

I knew I wouldn't explain myself well. I'm using the management interface for the failover link and it works. For the data link I'm using a port-channel with 4 ports and trunking the vlans to the ASA from the switch. During failover the standby inherits the IP addresses from the failed active but I can't get it to inherit the failed active's MAC address. I can get it to work if not using a port-channel but was wondering if it's possible to get it to work using a port-channel as the data link.

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5520 etherchannel stateful failover


is it sucessful use asa 5520 etherchannel stateful failover ? would you post your config for my reference, because i have some problem about this? thx!

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