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6500 IOS SLB & Transparent Firewalls

We are considering using IOS Server Load balancing to balance traffic over several PIX 515 firewalls. I have two questions,

1. Will this work if the firewalls are in transparent mode, all the examples I've seen show th firewalls in routed mode.

2. We have a single 6500 on one side of the firewalls and a pair of etherchannelled Cisco 6500's on the other. All the firewalls are connected to the single 6500 on the public side and are split between the pair of 6500's on the private side. Is htis going to present a problem when configuring IOS SLB.


Re: 6500 IOS SLB & Transparent Firewalls

about transparent mode

the firewall will be considered like a layer two device

the interfaces will have no IP address

so how the 6500 gonna know where they are and to which ip address it gonna send the packet???

so reasoably not posible

in addetion to that

the name transparent imply it will be not seen by the network devices so u can have the firewall in transparent mode between to devices that are in the same ip network

and about the second question not clear to me

if u clearifiy it more will be better

hope this helpful

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