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8.2(x) upgrade path problems

I am in the planning process to update a 5550 from 8.2.1 to 8.4.7. I've read the following:

I upgraded a 5520 using this information a few months ago but the upgrade failed. The device booted and I was able to log in via console but I could not reach the interfaces and passive would not pass through the device. I ended up restoring the previous software and config and have since upgraded to new 5500x series devices. I am concerned I will run into this issue again even after following the path recommendation, 8.2(x) to 8.4.6 to 8.4.7. I will be doing this remotely with someone on the remote end setting up console access via an oob network and rdp or webex so a failure to boot situation really is not an option. Any ideas on what happened and how I could avoid it this time around? The boot logs showed no indication as to why this happened.


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The "no cfg structure..."

The "no cfg structure..." issue generally hits you before you ever do the actual upgrade - it prevents successful transfer of the new image onto the target ASA's flash (disk0:).

I've upgraded dozens of firewalls and never had one fail to boot and/or become inaccessible. Where I've encountered issues has generally been around fine tuning some NAT rules or access-lists after the parser translates the pre-8.3 commands.

If you have Cisco Smartnet support you can always open a proactive TAC case to request assistance.

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