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about ASA55xx

Dear Sirs,

Please teach Firewall Mode.

Can "routed mode" and "transparent mode" be used together?

Best regards,


Re: about ASA55xx


In routed mode, the security appliance is considered to be a router hop in the network. It can perform NAT between connected networks, and can use OSPF or passive RIP (in single context mode). Routed mode supports many interfaces. Each interface is on a different subnet. You can share interfaces between contexts.

In transparent mode, the security appliance acts like a "bump in the wire," or a "stealth firewall," and is not a router hop. The security appliance connects the same network on its inside and outside interfaces. No dynamic routing protocols or NAT are used. However, like routed mode, transparent mode also requires access lists to allow any traffic through the security appliance, except for ARP packets, which are allowed automatically. Transparent mode can allow certain types of traffic in an access list that are blocked by routed mode, including unsupported routing protocols. Transparent mode can also optionally use EtherType access lists to allow non-IP traffic. Transparent mode only supports two interfaces, an inside interface and an outside interface, in addition to a dedicated management interface, if available for your platform.

For more info you can refer the below link..


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Re: about ASA55xx


If your question was "can you use both modes on the device" then i think the answer is no.

Here is quote from the Configuration Guide

"Note You can run all your contexts in routed mode or transparent mode; you cannot run some contexts in one mode and others in another. "

This is a bit of a shame as being able to run both modes on the same device would be quite useful for me.

Hope this helps



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