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Accessing the Management interface on ASA

This morning i configured the Management0/0 interface on the customers ASA appliance.

I set up a specific VLAN on the customers switch fabric just for this access (VLAN 12). I put the switch port connecting the cable to the ASA Mgmt interface in VLAN 12. I configured an ip address in VLAN 12 on the M0/0 interface on the ASA.

I can ping from the VLAN 12 interface on the switch to the Ip address on the Management interface on the ASA and vice versa.

When I try to launch a putty session to the address on the m0/0 interface on the ASA, it times out.

Should I be able to connect thru SSH and then also ASDM to the Management IP address?


Re: Accessing the Management interface on ASA

Have you added ssh permissions for the management interface?

You'll need to add something like:

ssh management

For ASDM access you'll need to do the same but with http:

http x.x.x.x x.x.x.x management

New Member

Re: Accessing the Management interface on ASA

Yes I added both of those statements but still cannot access the box from ssh or http...


Re: Accessing the Management interface on ASA

How about routing? Are you attempting to access the ASA from a network that the ASA has a route to via another interface? One reason I don't like to use the management interface is because unless you have a dedicated management subnet, you will run into routing issues.

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