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Active/Standby ASA 5520's working fine except for anyconnect webvpn

We recently bought a new 5520 and configured it for active/standby failover with standby ips. We tested failover and everything was fine except for webvpn.

Initially, the anyconnect button was gone but after manually transferring the client files and running svc img commands to make them active it will now let you connect to anyconnect.

The problem lies in the access. We have 3 security groups and one is essentially a stub network on an asa interface. When I log into the 2 other security groups I can not even ping my gateway or any address that I can on the active asa. When I log into the stub network connected to the ASA I can get to any resources on the network.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what to check for at this point?

I have use cisco config compare and the configs are almost identical besides some commands moved slightly. The anyconnect and access sections are identical.

Any help?


Re: Active/Standby ASA 5520's working fine except for anyconnect

Please provide more info about topology and show tech then only we can give some idea?

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