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ActiveUpdate Failure

Hi All,

Have been using our CSC SSM module for a few months now without any issues and started receiving the following message in regards to the ActiveUpdate a couple of days ago;

Pattern Update: The download file was unsuccessful for ActiveUpdate was unable to connect to the network. Please check whether the network connection is functional and then try again.. The error code is 28.

This is happening for all services; AntiVirusEngine, AntiVirusPatten, AntiSpamEngine, AntiSpamPattern, etc.

Topology has not changed in the network at all, nor have any settings. We are not using a proxy server at all. Have tried changing the DNS to see whether the local DNS may not have been resolving the name, no luck. Have also been into the management via console and can successfully ping outside IP addresses.

SSM Software Version: 6.3.1172.3

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Re: ActiveUpdate Failure

Have sorted this problem, but will detail somes notes so as others can see what was happening;

After sucessfully working for around 3 months, our CSC SSM card was starting to notify of not being able to download updates for any products with an error code of 28.

Troubleshooting steps as follows;

1. Logged into ASA via SSH/Telnet

2. Open Console to SSM (session 1)

3. Enabled root access to SSM

4. Logged out of SSM and logged back in again as root

5. Browse to directory /opt/trend/isvw/tmpfs/AU/AU_Log

6. Performed cat on file TmuDump.txt

Noticed that instead of polling the Trend Website for updates, it was pointing to our local Trend Micro Control Manager IP Address which had fallen over. After Unregistering the TMCM in the SSM configuration and trying updates again, everything went through.

Since then, have restored the TMCM machine and reconfigured the SSM to point to again.

Confirmed behavour by taking down the TMCM box again and attempting to update signatures. Surely this should be documented somewhere that if using a TMCM console, that loss of availability to the service will cause this error.


Andrew Boening

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