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Adding more context licenses to ASA without interruption


we are running a cluster pair of two 5540 with on primary and one pecondary.

Now we maxed out our licenses for the first time and we aquired more context licenses from cisco.

Will the implementation of the new licenses cause an interruption of the firewallservices or will it just slip right in ?

Maybe it will perform a failover to the other cluster ?

Anybody have done this or know the answer?

Thank you in advance for detailed information.

Cisco Employee

Re: Adding more context licenses to ASA without interruption

If the ASA is running in failover mode, I would organise for a maintenance window to perform license update as I have seen issue where it breaks the failover if the license is not updated at the same time. If you update the license on 1 ASA, and not on the other at the same time, the failover will detect that license is no longer synchronised between the 2 ASAs, and will disable the failover. I would stongly recommend maintenance window to add the license, and take the following steps:

1) Make sure that the license/activation key that you received is for the correct serial# of the ASA.

2) Prepare the "activation-key" command for both the primary and secondary ASA

3) Paste the activation-key command to both ASA, but don't press "Enter".

4) Press "Enter" on both ASA at the same time (one quickly after the other is OK).

Hope that helps.

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