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ADSM 5.2 - CLI entered commands not showing in ADSM

Hi - I'm using ADSM 5.2 to configure a FWSM running 3.2.4 code. I would normally configure the FWSM using the CLI, but for some reason, if I enter host entries on the CLI, they don't show up on the ASDM.

For example, I configure 3 host/IP address pairs using the ASDM - Configuration>Global Objects, they show up in the CLI. If I copy and paste the lines of config from the CLI that I've just added using the ASDM, and paste them intoa nother context, then switch to that context in the ASDM and refresh ADSM with the running config, they don't appear.

I've tried reloading the FWSM but that doesn't make any difference.

Has anyone else come across this before, as most of the hosts are replicated across 2 contexts and I don't want to have to configure them all twice using the ASDM.

Many Thanks in advance


Re: ADSM 5.2 - CLI entered commands not showing in ADSM

Sometimes this happens. If the configuration is simple configure it seperately for each context. When the whole configuration needs to be done , configure an ASA as a standby/Failover to another ASA so that the configurations are copied to the failover and then remove the failover unit.

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