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Allowing ASDM access using the "http x.x.x.x"

This is strange.

My ASDM workstation IP is

My ASA is

I cannot access the ASA with ASDM if I have the following line in my config:

http inside

However, I *CAN* access the ASA if I change the line to be:

http inside

That doesn't make much sense to me.

Basically I'm setting up a network of ASAs all on 192.168.x.x and I want to be able to access them with ASDM anywhere in my internal network, so I figured the more general "http" config line would be the proper way to do it, but it seems I can only use a more "specific" config line.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening???

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Re: Allowing ASDM access using the "http x.x.x.x"

The mask doesn't match

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Re: Allowing ASDM access using the "http x.x.x.x"

So are you saying I have to have a separate "http 192.168.x.0" for all the networks that I'm going to be using ASDM from? Yuck.

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