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Anyconnect on ASA cannot reach Servers on Lan

I have an ASA 5510  I can successfully create a  anyconnect ssl client VPN tunnel and can succesfully ping a server on the Voice vlan. However I need to make connections to the voice servers, but they just timeout. On the ASA logging, is says "connection denied as there is no syn in the packet"

from looking around the web People are suggesting this error means an asymmetric route. I don't believe I have this. My setup is


VPN -> ASA -> Router (,network doing all the routing) -> Vlans 5 and 6 created on switches.

I have attached my running config, they are not the actual ip addresses but representations.

I am hoping it is something obvious that I have overlooked.

ASA version is 9.1




Can you do me a favor and get

Can you do me a favor and get me if possible logs from the ASA when you try to establish communication. On ASDM need to enable logging at debugging level and then go to monitoring > logging > Real time log viewer and filter out the anyconnect address.

You can also setup capture through capture wizard, just select the local interface and specify anyconnect client address and destination IP.

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Upon taking a quick look it

Upon taking a quick look it looks like you are missing your twice NAT entries.



object network



object network



nat (voice,outside) source static destination static no-proxy-arp route-lookup

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I had neglected to mention, I

I had neglected to mention, I am not using Nat, The ASA is for VPN's only

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Ok, am I understanding this

Ok, am I understanding this correctly that when you connect you can ping the voice servers no problem however for example you cannot create a http or some other service connection to them?

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Hi Kevin,I have managed to

Hi Kevin,

I have managed to sort it out. it was asymmetric routing, that was the issue. after doing TCP inspect bypass, it has all worked fine

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