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New Member

argument with barracuda vendor

Customer has barracuda inside the ASA firewall. Issue is with vpn clients. They come into the same ASA w/o split tunnel but permit same interface traffic enabled. Keep arguing with the vendor about filtering the vpn traffic to the internet. I say it can't be done in this scenario because once it is determined that the requested resource is on the outside the traffic goes in the outside interface and back out outside interface. Barracuda keeps telling me to stop all outbound 80 traffic and redirect to them I assume through wccp or something but so what? Am I missing something?

New Member

Re: argument with barracuda vendor

You can add ACL's to VPN user via Group Policy.

I'm not sure what you are tying to accomplish. Maybe Webmail access from the VPN to the barracuda?

Do you have a NAT Exemption statement for the VPN IP's to the barracuda?

Hope this helps,

Aaron Magruder

NonStop Networks, LLC

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