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New Member

Asa 5505 7.0 basic config

I went through the wizard and my internal users have no access to the internet.

I can ping the outside from another location but cannot ping my isp gateway. Users cannot ping asa inside!

Can anyone list for me the basics commands to configure the asa box along with the command to allow my users to access the internet.

I am using a static ip from isp and not have an internal dns server.



Re: Asa 5505 7.0 basic config

Go over this link, you still need some form of DNS, have your ISP provided you with DNS info? in any case go over this if no joy please post the configuration of asa, strip public IP info.



New Member

Re: Asa 5505 7.0 basic config

Guys, I got it by going through the wizard once again and making sure my cables were connected to the right ports. I also used my isp's dns.


New Member

Re: Asa 5505 7.0 basic config

How are you giving your internal users IP addresses?

DHCP configured from the ASA?

Separate DHCP server?

Jorge is right, you do need to give your users a DNS of some kind.

To test if your issue is stricly DNS related, try pinging (it's a public DNS server). If they get a response, then you just need to add a DNS server (like the one your ISP provides to you) to the DHCP config.

If you do not get a response, your issue is likely NAT/PAT related or the access-lists on the inside interface might be too restrictive.

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