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ASA 5505 Can't access our web server

We have a Cisco ASA 5505. As of yesterday we could no longer access our web server (the web server is hosted off-site). Pinging the DNS address and direct IP (from the firewall and a PC) both return no response. Pinging the IP from the T1 router responds properly, meaning the router can access the web server, but the firewall cannot. Accessing the web server has never been a problem, and no configuration changes have been made to the network/firewall. Other locations can access the web server just fine.

I don't have experience with Cisco firewalls, but I do have access to it via ASDM. Where do I start? What should I do? Any help is appreciated.

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ASA 5505 Can't access our web server

Figured it out. Our IP had been blocked by the web server host, for having too many simultaneous FTP connections.

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ASA 5505 Can't access our web server

even i can not access a particular webserver from my LAN the web server is hosted outside.

when i connect my laptop directly to the router i can access the web server but through LAN i cannot.

I even tried to access from static natted ip but no results..i did not put any rules or policy in firewall even though i cannot access.

i have checked everthing but no results...the firewall which we are using is ASASM.

everyother sites are accessable except this.

any help will be really appreciated



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