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ASA 5505 - Dual WAN settings


I have a 5505 configured with a active/standby dual wan setup using the sla tracked connection settings. Is there a way to configure the ASA to stay on the backup connection after activating? We had a situation where the main T1 was bouncing, so the backup connection was being activated and deactivated very often. The problem is that there is an app being used that does not allow users to reconnect to dropped connections immediately, so every time the asa switches wan connections it causes a significant disruption.

- I should note that I already set monitor options frequency to 240 seconds. I could set it higher, but then we have a longer delay when the main connection dies.


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ASA 5505 - Dual WAN settings


Great question. Unfortunately, I believe you've already done as much as you can (as far as the ASA is concerned) to resolve this issue using the longer polling interval. The SLA monitor will always continue to try the primary route and will switch back whenever it is available.

I was toying with the idea of using a second SLA monitor on the backup route, but it won't acheive what you want. The only way I think this could work is to schedule the SLA monitor only to run when the T1 isn't bouncing. Of course, this is impossible as you can't know when the T1 will fail.

Best of luck resolving the bouncing issue!


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ASA 5505 - Dual WAN settings

Thanks, I suspected there wasn't a solution that covered this, just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

While we were having problems with the connection I changed the monitor IP address to one I know won't reply to ping requests, so that kept the bacup activated until the main connection was fixed.

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