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ASA 5505 Internet Failover


We have an ASA 5505 with Security Plus Bundle. I need documentation on how to setup the ASA to allow me to use my T1 Internet connection (which is currently functioning) as my primary Intenet connection and my secondary DSL line as a backup or failover Internet connection.

I have attahced my current configuration on which the failover is NOT working.

The expected result is that if the primary T1 internet fails, then the ASA detects the loss and switches over to use the DSL line to provide Internet and when the T1 becomes active again it switches back.


Re: ASA 5505 Internet Failover

Your config looks fine , see the end of this doc for troubleshooting steps to determined wat could be the problem, you may need to do some debuging to pin point where the failure is occuring.

I would first check the following to rule out the backup isp connection is not bad.

Step 1- Make sure the backup ISP link is functional, plug in a labtop and try connecting to internet. If the backup ISP connection is good then you will have to do the troubloeshooting provided in link document end of it.

Try checing the above

see troubleshooting section

show running-config sla monitor

show sla monitor configuration

show sla monitor operational-state

debug sla monitor trace

debug sla monitor error




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