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ASA 5505 Invalid Input


Whenever I use the following command I get an invalid input error

ciscoasa#conf t

ciscoasa (config) # crypto isakmp enable outside

ciscoasa (config) #object network net-local

ciscoasa (config-network) # subnet


I have reset the firewall (cisco 5505) to factory default. The marker ^ is under the subnet 

Any input from you would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Hi Jayesh,

What version are you using on the ASA??



Thanks, Varun Rao Security Team, Cisco TAC

ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Hi ,

have you tried :

object network net-local



ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Hello Jayesh

if  you wanted to give subnet option, u need to be in "hostname(config-network-object)" prompt.

from the output you gave , i belive you need to use

'network-object' command instead of subnet since the asa version is different.

hope this helps


Super Bronze

Re: ASA 5505 Invalid Input


Think your reset might have removed the following command

"boot system flash:"

Which means there is no certain software image to boot from after reload.

And this has in turn booted the ASA with older version software on the ASA and not the latest 8.3 or 8.4 software you were running.

Use the command "show version" to check which software it has booted with.

To choose the software you want the ASA to boot with always, use the command

boot system flash:/

For ASDM image use the following

asdm image flash:/

The ASDM command might give you some version warning but ignore it. Its just because your running software might not match the ASDM version.

- Jouni

ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Hi Jouni,

From Cisco ASA 5500 Series Command Reference, 8.4, 8.5, and 8.6 :

hostname(config)# object-group network sjj_eng_ftp_servers

hostname(config-network-object-group)# network-object host sjj.eng.ftp

hostname(config-network-object-group)# network-object host 

hostname(config-network-object-group)# network-object 

hostname(config-network-object-group)# group-object sjc_eng_ftp_servers

hostname(config-network-object-group)# quit

Can you tell us the details regarding the difference cli commands ?


Super Bronze

Re: ASA 5505 Invalid Input


I just imagine that he was using the CLI like normal in 8.3 and 8.4 version and would enter the command

object network

But as the booted software might be 8.2 or below the ASA would understand the above command the same as he was writing

object-group network

This as there is no other command starting with "object" in 8.2 and pre software versions. So the ASA would presume this was the command intended.

- Jouni

ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Super Bronze

Re: ASA 5505 Invalid Input


Seems we are talking about 2 totally different things

After 8.3 software there has been 2 different type of "object" that contain IP addresses

The one that has excisted always (?) is the "object-group network "

The one that was added in 8.3 is "object network "

The configuration references you have linked there refer to the objects inside a "object-group network "

Example of both objects

object-group network LAN


object network LAN


And referring to the orignal problem with the poster.

He said he had just returned the ASA to factory default configuration. This would probably mean that any configuration reference to the software image used to boot the ASA was also removed. Now if this is true and he has several old software images on the ASAs flash memory, the ASA might boot with old software.

Now when hes running an ASA that has booted with old 8.2 and pre software, when he issues the command "object network " the ASA will understand it as "object-group network " as the precise command "object network " doesnt exist in the 8.2 and pre software.

And this is why his "subnet" parameter isnt accepted on the CLI.

Because hes under the "object-group network" configuration mode and not under the "object network" configuration mode (As it doesnt exist in that software).

- Jouni

ASA 5505 Invalid Input

Yes, you are right. I found in the command reference the "object network" command.

object network object name [rename new_obj_name] {host ip_addr | subnet net_addr net_mask | range ip_addr_1 ip_addr2} description text

Do be sincer, I did not know about this change between the versions.

I do not understand this kind of changes , as I do not understand the reason for changing NAT syntax .


Super Bronze

ASA 5505 Invalid Input


I guess the "object network" is mainly there for the changes in NAT and access-lists.

Though that doesnt stop you from using either "object network" or "object-group network" in your NAT and ACL configurations.

Certain NAT configurations naturally require the use of "object network" instead of "object-group network"

- Jouni

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