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ASA 5505 Licensing - Inside Hosts


Does anyone know how the inside host limit could change from 50 to 10?

We've had the unit for a while now and it had been fine. However recently users have started complaining of being unable to access the internet. When we checked the ASA it is showing 10 as the inside host limit where as previously it had been 50.

Any idea what could cause this?



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Re: ASA 5505 Licensing - Inside Hosts

I am not really sure how this could get changed, but you can update the Activation key which determines how many users may connect to the ASA at one time. You can use the activation-key command to do this, but I am not sure where you would get your original key from. On top of that even if you could find it I am not sure what it would do if you tried to enter it again, it could stop it from working all together. You best bet is to run the "show activation-key" command and copy this info. Then contact Cisco and see what it is licensed for. Depending on what answers you get from there you may have to contact your reseller and either upgrade or find out why your key is no longer supporting 50 users if you can prove that is what you bought.

Good Luck. I hope I was some help.

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Re: ASA 5505 Licensing - Inside Hosts

If the device crashed or if you did a format of the flash, it is possible that the original activation key is lost and you are back to the base license. If you had a "show version" output before the issue happened, that will have the activation key. You can enter that to the firewall (activation-key ). If that is not possible, I would suggest you contacting Cisco TAC Licensing Team. They will be able to regenerate the license key for you once they determine that you did have the 50 host license (based on your serial number). Hope this helps.



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Re: ASA 5505 Licensing - Inside Hosts

Thanks for the advice. We've logged a couple of calls with our supplier and with TAC.

Wait and see what they come back with.

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