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ASA 5505 PPPoE client LCP configuration?


Have an ASA 5505 7.2(3) behind a transparently-bridged aDSL modem, with ASA configured with PPPoE on outside interface. The PPPoE connection does not establish, with ISP stating it is an LCP issue.

Quote from ISP: "I have seen this in other Cisco ASA devices. This sounds like a LCP issue. Since your are using the Cisco for PPPoE contact Cisco and verify you have the correct LCP. This must be entered through the command-line interface, not the GUI. Contact cisco, and provide them the following for your config:

CHAP handshake LLC VPI 0 VCI 32"

So my question is, is this sort of configuration an option on the ASA 5505? PVC information smells ATMish to me...the 5505 does not have an ADSL WIC.

Does this sound valid, or is my ISP tech up in the night?

If this is valid, what are the IOS commands to configure these parameters in the PPPoE client?

Many thanks,


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