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ASA 5505 webservice (soap) and NAT

We have recently deployed an ASA 5505, with a webservice behind this device. Web traffic works fine, but not the appliction used to access the xml webservice. So far I have not been able to find any solutions.


Re: ASA 5505 webservice (soap) and NAT

can u post ur config and details about this abblication

such as which port it use

New Member

Re: ASA 5505 webservice (soap) and NAT

Attached is my configuration file. We are using a standard microsoft .net 1.1 xml webservice on port 80. From what I can tell the client is able go get an initial message to the server app, but further communication does not happen.

Re: ASA 5505 webservice (soap) and NAT

remove this policy

olicy-map type inspect http webservice


protocol-violation action drop-connection

and any http inspection

this one aswel remove it

inspect http

because from what u said i think there is somthing blocking the content as long as u have the basic http connection

try it and let me know

good luck

New Member

Re: ASA 5505 webservice (soap) and NAT

marwanshawi, I removed the suggested entries but still am not able to connect. Any other suggestions?

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