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asa 5505 will not boot successfully

Asa5505 suspends with "i2c_write_byte_w_suspend() error, slot = 0x0, device = 0x40".  Entered rommon changed confreg-reg 0x41=not successful, load image via tftp still suspends.  Installed image is ass723, also tried asa802 from another device with same error results.  Any suggestions would be welcomed.

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Re: asa 5505 will not boot successfully

After looking up that error it pretty much just says to contact TAC and get it replaced.

If you don't have supprt, and you're willing to risk something then;

A while back I had a 2948G that failed on me, it would no longer boot up at all, nothing would show up on the console after a power cycle.  Because of it's age, and the fact that I didn't have support I decided to take it apart.  After taking it apart I found 2 jumpers on the inside, and one of the jumpers was marked as reset.  Since it was already dead I moved the jumper over to reset and powered on the switch.

With the jumper on reset it still did not boot, but when I moved the jumper back the switch was able to boot but only into ROMMON, and I had to copy the image over serial (which took forever) but I was able to get the switch back up.

I ended up donating this switch to a school as I wasn't going to trust it in my production environment again, but it was kind of cool that I was able to get it back up.

It's possible if you crack open your 5505 you may find the same jumper.  But as I said it could be risky and you may turn your 5505 into a brick.

My suggestions is to contact Cisco TAC and see if what they are able to do.

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