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ASA 5510/5505 v.8.2(3) - SSH times out

I have two ASAs, 5505 and 5510, both running v.8.2(3). When I try to SSH in, using Putty, it just will not connect. However, if I reload the ASA, I will be able to connect. This is the only line from the syslog:

6    Nov 18 2010    00:24:46        24.xx.xx.xx    51179    65.xx.xx.xx     22    Built inbound TCP connection 206652 for outside:24.xx.xx.xx /51179 ( to identity:65.xx.xx.xx  /22 (65.xx.xx.xx /22)

That is it.

However, if I do a remote access L2TP in, then I can access the inside interface/address through SSH fine. It is just the outside that times out. While I would figure it would be a configuration/ACL issue, it does work AFTER I do a system reload. It is only after a few days that I reboot does this timeout issue occur.

Is this common? Known? Happening to anyone else? Any fix, solution, ideas, or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: ASA 5510/5505 v.8.2(3) - SSH times out

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Re: ASA 5510/5505 v.8.2(3) - SSH times out

Jennifer, thanks for replying.

Where and how do I find  8.2.3(6)? In the download section all I see available is the 8.2.(3) dated August 2010. Do I need to make a special request? There does not seem to be any link anywhere to download this version, or maybe I am just completely overlooking something.


Re: ASA 5510/5505 v.8.2(3) - SSH times out

Hi Sean,

The interim releases are not available on CCO.

Please open an SR with TAC and they should be able to publish you the image for download.



Cisco Employee

Re: ASA 5510/5505 v.8.2(3) - SSH times out

Yes, please open a TAC case as Avinash' advise. The TAC engineer can publish you the interim release upon your request.

Please kindly mark this post as answered if you have no further question. Thanks.

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