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ASA 5510 How can I find the IP address assignments

I found the address assignment pool, which is just an IP range.

How do I find what has actually been assigned?

I also need to verify how many IP's I have left unassigned.



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f you're asking about

f you're asking about addresses assigned to remote access VPN users, them use "show vpn-sessiondb anyconnect | i Assigned" to show the assigned addresses of all active Anyconnect users. (you can use the webvpn keyword instead of anyconnect if they're client SSL VPN users).


If you're asking about addresses where the ASA is acting as a DHCP server for internal clients, then "show dhcpd binding"

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Its not taking anything after

Its not taking anything after the pipe.

This is for anyconnect, what about IP desk phones?  Will this show that information as well?  I have 1 phone not connecting and I'm trying to see if I have IP's left to give out.

The dhcpd command does not return any information.  I run show dhcpd state = not configured.

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You can just leave off the

You can just leave off the pipe command - I only include that to winnow out the non-relevant information.

You can also check via ASDM - Monitoring > VPN > Sessions and choose "All remote access" type of VPN to monitor. You should see the listing of all your connected remote access VPN clients including assigned addresses.

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I found exactly what I was

I found exactly what I was looking for with this command:

show ip local pool information [poolname]

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