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ASA 5510 issue

Hello all,

I seem to have a weird issue with ASA 5510 which is actually resolved but would like to share it.

We have a cisco 3745 which has a public LAN port. It has the IP ( for example) assigned to one of it's fastethernet interfaces. On this port we have connected an ASA 5510 with public IP with default route to Everything works fine when all the internal LAN IPs are globally natted to the outside interface ( we bring in static NATs , they stop to work. For instance if I have a static NAT>, will not be able to go to internet. Once I remove static NAT, it starts to work.

We came around this issue by enabling some captures on ASA external interface. With static NAT enabled, whenever we try to go out to internet from, we saw hits on the capture for traffic from but no returning traffic to So we concentrated on the router, clearing the arp-caches and reloading it but didn't work. We also tried clearing arp tables and nat sessions of ASA. Finally, we just added a static route on the 3745 that goes ip route and it started to work.

We are confused by this solution as we do not understand why we need to add a static route for resolving the issue when there is already a directly connected route to the network. I am not sure if it is a bug with ASA or 3745. We are having a similar issue with ASA 5510 connected to cisco 3825.

Please advise.




ASA 5510 issue

Hello Mukundh,

What if you change the outside interface ip address to and then put back, with this the ASA will send a gratitious arp for the IP address of

Can you try this without the route on the border router and see if that makes a difference, it is a ARP issue.



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