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ASA 5510 - Saving Startup Config

Hello everyone...

I'm plugged into the management port of one of my ASA 5510's (serial cable). I'm wanting to save a copy of the startup config; I've got a TFTP server up, no firewalls, etc.

How can I do this, seeing as I'm plugged into the serial port on my laptop and using CLI?

The usual "copy start tftp" won't work b/c of the IP issue of not being plugged into a regular switch port...

Or am I off here? Thanks for the help...

New Member

Re: ASA 5510 - Saving Startup Config


in order to save the config to a TFTP server, yuou will need to assign an IP address on the inside interface and put it on the same subnet as the TFTP server. you cant copy from serial to TFTP (as far as i know). All the times i've saved a config, its via the inside interface.

then set the tftp server within the config and the inside interface and lastly issue the copy startup-config tftp command

check this link

Hope this helps.

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