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ASA 5510-Unable to access Trend Micro Firewall

Up until recently, I've been able to access the firewall settings via IP Address:Port. All of a sudden, I can't. How do I go about resolving this?


Re: ASA 5510-Unable to access Trend Micro Firewall

You can edit any existing access rule. Rules editing is done in the Access Rule wizard that is used to create an access rule. You can use the TOC to go directly to the page you want to edit.

Before You Begin

•In the Object Selector, select the object on which the rule you want to edit is defined.

•If workflow mode is enabled, make sure that you are working within the context of an open activity.


Step 1 Select Configuration > Access Rules.

Step 2 Select Mandatory Rules/Global Rules from the TOC, depending on the type of access rule you want to edit. The Mandatory/Default Rules page appears. It contains a list of the access rules defined on the selected object. See Table 7-12 for a description of the elements in the Mandatory/Default Rules page.

Step 3 Select the check box next to the rule you want to edit and click Edit. The Access Rule Parameters page of the Access Rule wizard appears. It contains the source and destination addresses, the services and the action for the selected rule.

Step 4 Select the required page from the TOC or click the Next button to move through the pages in the wizard. Each page shows the values that were defined for the selected access rule and you can edit them, as required.

Step 5 Click Finish when you have finished editing the rule.

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