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ASA 5510 unknown subnet trying to ping inside

I have an ASA 5510 8.4(5) in one of my remote offices.  it's got a tunnel back to my main site.

the past 2 nights it crashed around 3:00 am and you couldn't do anything but power it off and back on again.

I noticed it was externally pingable, so I turned that off today.


One thing I am noticing in the ASDM logs that some addresses are trying to ping the inside interface.

I don't know the addresses though. they are not one of any of my subnets.


any idea how I can track that down?

3Mar 14 201421:33:11   

Denied ICMP type=9, code=0 from on interface inside


3Mar 14 201421:32:47   Denied ICMP type=9, code=0 from on interface inside


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 What does your inside


What does your inside gateway think about the reachability of that source subnet?

Do they have any remote access VPN setup? Those could be from a VPN pool of addresses.

If not, you'll have to do a capture of the actual packets to trace down the originating MAC address and trace it from there.


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