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ASA 5510 VPN Client Multicast

ASA 7.0(8)

Configuration Basics


outside (still in the lab)

multicast streams 239.200.36.x (ports 5000 - 5016).

multicast igmp is active on the inside and outside interface - we can see the groups in IGMP on the inside interface.

multicast routing was activated late yesterday, without benefits.

This is a video stream that will be received by multiple VPN connected clients / LAN-to-LAN VPN connections. All connections are via a VPN and there is no IGMP/PIM serverices connected directly to the Internet.

The video servers can be accessed and configured using the VPN, however, when we start the client there are no traffic flows. We're missing something, however, we haven't been able to find a set of examples or guides that will aid us in getting this to work.

We also converted one of the sources to a unicast address on the 10.200.36.x network. This was a quick attempt to determine if we have a policy/rule issue - we do! It doesn't work and isn't the right solution given the additional load of multiple unicast streams to the same source.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, guidance or pointers.


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