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ASA 5515-x High Availability Question

Hello Forum

I am with a Customer today whom has purchased 2 ASA 5515-x next gen's.

They are desiring to have an Active /Standy Failover Pair.

When I perform a sho ver on both of the appliances, I can see that they are both licensed for Active/Active.


Since I am not going to configure any more than 1 Security Context (vs.2 or many), am I able to proceed with these guys licensed for Active/Active with an Active / Standby configuration?


Thank You!

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The license shows you that

The license shows you that you could also configure Active/Active. But you don't have to. You can also configure the "normal" Active/Standby HA which is very often used.

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Hi K-Melton , Did you find

Hi K-Melton ,


Did you find answer ? As I recently deployed 2 x 5515x and both are in Active/Active mode.


If yes , what're the command you need to run on ASAs ?


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As Karsten noted, the "Active

As Karsten noted, the "Active / Active" is available but more commonly we deploy ASA pairs in "Active / Standby" mode as the vast majority are single context deployments.

There is no change in the required licensing for either approach - only the context licenses if you run more than the base Admin and User contexts.

All current models 5515-X and above are eligible for high availability configuration without additional licensing. The 5512-X (and 5505) would require Security Plus licensing.

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