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ASA 5520 8.3 IPSec VPN ISSUEs

We have a pair of ASA5520 ver8.3 firealls running IPSec VPN tunnels to remotes.  Initially, we established our first few tunnels and they remained up/operational for long periods of time.  We recently connected up another remote 861 router and now our core ASA5520 site drops all tunnels on a fairly recurring basis.  In addition, the last remote VPN tunnel constantly drops all day long.

Our Internet connection is clean when we connect a PC up to our External Internet Cisco switch and launch VPN client on PC.  Switch interfaces run clean. However, when we normalize our connections, the External Internet switch interfaces start see input errors.

We verified our remotes and ASA5520 MTU sizes at 1500 and that alll speed/duplex on ASA5520s, switches, set to manual 100/full.

What would be causing the External LAN switches to see errors  when ASA5520s running  dynamic IPSec VPNs to remotes?  Can 1 remote cause all head-end VPNs to drp?

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