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ASA-5520 Crashing and rebooting

I just configured a new ASA 5520 running 8.0(4) with a fairly simple setup.

For several weeks the only usage for it was B2B http requests going from Gi0/1 to Gi0/2. Fairly low bandwidth, around 150Kb/s. Never a problem.

Yesterday I created on Gi0/0, 3 subinterfaces for Inside/Outside/Dmz.

The Outside has a public Internet IP.

It works great, I can see over 18Mb/s of traffic on the interface.

BUT every 2 or 4 hours the ASA will reboot or even freeze.

The config seems pretty straight forward.

From what I see in ADSM at the time of the crash the CPU usage is pretty low (<5%), as well as memory (100MB).

The first connection I witnessed I was having 600 connections, which was the higher number so far.

Any idea of the root cause ?

How can I troubleshoot that problem ?



Community Member

Re: ASA-5520 Crashing and rebooting


it was IOS bug(i.e-Memory leak error) in the IOS ver 8.0(3) & 8.0(4), and it was fixed in the IOS ver 8.0(4)-7 Version which was not a official release. if your device is in official smartnet contract please contact cisco AEAP.

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