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ASA 5550 and ASDM


I hav ASA 5550 with 9.1(2) IOS and ASDM 7.1

The problem is connecting to this asa with asdm and connecting to https. I tried every thing I know.

I downgreadet java and tripple checked my configuration and even erased the whole configuration and re started.

I set this things

Host name

Domain name

user name and password

password enable

the interface

http server enable

http ip addres that can access it


ssh ip address that can access it (which works using the same ip addres as for the http)

When I start the asdm and click connect then see the java debug on the asdm. I see that there is a critical error handshake failed and connection lost.

I can ping the asa and connect via ssh.

the firewall works great but I cant acces https of connect to it using the asdm. I have another asa 5510 with the same ios and asdm that I configure exacly the same and the asdm works.


ASA 5550 and ASDM

I understand you have working 5510, but can you cross check with the below config (security level does not matter).



Cisco Employee

ASA 5550 and ASDM

Hi Tomaz,

Could you please double-check if you have the 3DES license; if you do issue the command sh run all ssl; you should see a large list of hash/encryption algorithm. If you just see a few issue the command clear config ssl


Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"

Luis Silva "If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"
Hall of Fame Super Silver

ASA 5550 and ASDM

Luis's suggestions are on the mark. I would look for check your 3DES-AES license and then look for ssl lines in the configuration to include strong encryption algorithms. Newer ASAs have been shipping without that enabled by default - e.g., "ssl encryption aes256-sha1 aes128-sha1"

New Member

ASA 5550 and ASDM

Ok I checked for 3DES-AES and it is on.

I checked with the config and its correctly configured.

Yes I have opened the network with http command.

I was so fristrated that I went and downgraded my asa from 9.1(2) to 8.0(4) with the curent running config after the downgrade the asdm works like a charm. and I can open the https.

I will have to take my time and de bug this asa and IOS for bugs.

Thx for all of your help.


New Member

ASA 5550 and ASDM

Hi Thomaz,

Post the related part to this issue of your asa config man.

That can be many things.

From the network that you are trying to access ASA you can ping it?

Do you have opened the network with hhtp command to access the asa?

Ex: http inside



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