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ASA 5550 with IOS 8.0(2) crashes


we had just installed our ASA 5550 with IOS 8.0(2) a couple of week ago.

2 interfaces from each slot are being used ie 0/0 for Branch users comming via MPLS cloud ,  0/1 for internal LAN users comming form Core Switch  & 1/0 for Server farm LAN   , 1/1  for Internet (outside)

the first 3 interface are considered inside with sec set at 100   while the 1/1 is outside with sec at 0.

Last night it suddenly started dropping all connections without any warning  or any noticible log form the ASDM logging.

the connection drop would happen for 2 - 3 minutes and would work fine for the next 15 minutes or so..

after conencting the console , we found out that the IOS would suddelny go abrupt and show this display ...

Thread Name: Dispatch Unit
Page fault: Address not mapped
    vector 0x0000000e
       edi 0x24d184b0
       esi 0x0000000d
       ebp 0x1c6ceaf8
       esp 0x1c6ceae0
       ebx 0x09e965e0
       edx 0x12d05e80
       ecx 0x24d18390
       eax 0x00000000
error code 0x00000004
       eip 0x0879da5e
        cs 0x00000073
    eflags 0x00013246
       CR2 0x00000014

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.2(1)

Compiled on Tue 05-May-09 22:45 by builders
Hardware:   ASA5550
Crashinfo collected on 17:01:25.799 UTC Tue Jan 31 2012

0: 0805d0d3
1: 0805db77
2: 08a23d7c
3: dd7a86d5
4: dd58d1e0
5: 087a089f
6: 086b16d2
7: 0873537a
8: 08c085c7
9: 081aa6ee
10: 08062413
Stack dump: base:0x1c6ce9f8 size:552, active:552
entries above '==': return PC preceded by input parameters
entries below '==': local variables followed by saved regs

We suspected this to be an IOS crash and deceided to upgrade the IOS which was also planned at a later stage..

after upgrading the IOS to 8.3.2 , it seems to be working fine... but im still shaky.. as the previous IOS also worked for a couple of weeks before it crashed.

my question is : is there anyway i can find out what caused it as there were no changes to the configuration or traffic patten. ?

is this a known bug for 8.0(2)  or what...




im attaching the data i got on my console when the crash happned and till the time it got normal again ..

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ASA 5550 with IOS 8.0(2) crashes

Please open a TAC case. Only TAC can decode the crash decodes properly.

Consider also that 8.0.2 is a very old release.

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ASA 5550 with IOS 8.0(2) crashes

There are a large number of "page fault"-related bugs that are fixed in current ASA releases. As Marcin noted, only the TAC can definitively answer which specific one you may have been hitting.

I'm wondering why you chose 8.3(2) instead of the current 8.4(3).

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