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ASA 5585-X SSP-10 throughput improves drastically after upgrade to 8.4(7.22)

Title is self explanatory.

Was running 8.4(7) SMP image for ~ 10 months. Just upgraded to Interim load 8.4(7.22) since it has multiple vulnerability fixes. Within the first hour after upgrade, I've noticed our PerfSonar throughput graphs to certain capable endpoints have shown that throughput has more than doubled (originally 1.1 Gbps, now 2.4 Gbps)!! CPU utilization has also gone way down.

I've checked the release notes going back several interim releases, and I didn't see anything pointing to this new performance improvement.

Has anyone seen something similar?

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I agree there's nothing

I agree there's nothing highlighted in the release notes for the 8.4(7) builds.

It could be that the system reload was what helped the most.

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I hope that's all it is, but

I hope that's all it is, but why wouldn't the firewall have performed like this when first installed? It wasn't like performance degraded over time. The firewall was first brought up with 8.2(5), then upgraded to 8.4(7) shortly after that. Throughput performance was the same until now. Very weird.

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I know this doesnt help much

I know this doesnt help much but I saw in one of the release notes in the 8.4.7 code train a performace issue with ssp 60 fix.  It was an issue with too many connections or something and then degraded performance.  Possibly fixed other issues.

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