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ASA 8.4 Resource-limit Conns Vs. Show Resource Usage Value

Hi experts,

In the Customer-Class configuration, we put “limit-resource Conns 50000”, thus each context should limit the maximum concurrent table under 50000. However, when we see the “sh resource usage”, the limit is showing “49000” not “50000” and we want to know why. We are using 5585-SSP-10 version 8.4(4)1. Your help is very much appreciated.

class default
  limit-resource All 0
  limit-resource ASDM 5
  limit-resource SSH 5
  limit-resource Telnet 5

class Customer-Class
  limit-resource ASDM 5
  limit-resource Conns 50000

# sh resource usage
Resource               Current        Peak      Limit        Denied Context
Conns                      198        2249      49000             0 sample1
Xlates                      18         128  unlimited             0 sample1
Hosts                      173         436  unlimited             0 sample1
Syslogs [rate]              42      139345  unlimited             0 SHARED
Conns                      669        2245      49000             0 SHARED
Xlates                      11         648  unlimited             0 SHARED
Hosts                      469         723  unlimited             0 SHARED
Conns [rate]                24         822  unlimited             0 SHARED
Inspects [rate]              8         885  unlimited             0 SHARED
Syslogs [rate]             296        7604  unlimited             0 sample2
Conns                     8083       11458      49000             0 sample2
Xlates                       9         436  unlimited             0 sample2
Hosts                     1482        1955  unlimited             0 sample2
Conns [rate]                44        7303  unlimited             0 sample2

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Have you assigned the context

Have you assigned the context you want to limit resources to the Customer-Class ?

What is the output of the following commands...and does the output indicate what you expect?

show resource allocation detail

show resource usage <context name>


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Please remember to rate and select a correct answer

Hi Marius,Thanks for your

Hi Marius,

Thanks for your reply. The contexts I mentioned are members of Customer-Class. When we run show resource allocation details it shows:


Conns            default          all      CA  unlimited                      
                 Customer-Class    11       C      50000     550000     54.03%
                 All Contexts:     12                        550000     54.03%


So ok, we can see the 50000 there.

We were just wondering, is the 49000 we are getting from show resource usage normal/expected? Why? Or maybe a bug. We are actually expecting 50000 also.

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Is the output you are show

Is the output you are show from the show resource usage from the relevant context?

show resource usage context Customer-Class

If it is then I would have to assume this is a bug.  If not or you are not sure, then this might be the context from a different class or perhaps the default class.


Please remember to select a correct answer and rate helpful posts


Please remember to rate and select a correct answer

Hi experts, Just to update in

Hi experts,


Just to update in case any one of you encountered the same. It is a cosmetic issue. It has been issued defect id CSCup53581. So you can check it out. Unfortunately, no work around or permanent solution yet.



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