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I am going to be installing an ASA (probably a 5505)in one of our small branch offices. Unlike all of my other offices they are using buisness DSL with an 8 port DSL router. I plan on removing the DSL router and putting in the ASA, configuring it to do NAT and setting up a VPN then put a switch to connect the hosts.

My question is: I have never done this before with DSL. My other offices have T-1's. Do you guys know of any problems with doing this through DSL?


Re: ASA and DSL


ASA will not supprot DSL or any other non-Ethernet technologies for that matter. You cannot direcly connect ASA to DSL cable. You need an ethernet connection.

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Re: ASA and DSL

I will be plugging this into a DSL modem and that has the ethernet interface. Will this work or are you saying that the ASA will not work through DSL period?

Re: ASA and DSL

Hello james

Starting from Version 7.2, the ASA supports PPPOE client feature... Using this, you can confgiure the ASA to initiate the PPPOE session, using the username and password given by the DSL service provider.. once u do this, the clients inside can work normally without dialing onto the DSL network..

This is the URL, where you can find the configs:

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Re: ASA and DSL

Hi sachinraja,

Is it possible to initialize PPPOA client on ASA 5505? As our telecom here only supports PPPOA and PAP authentication, i tried all the way around but couldn't find any documentation regarding that. Could you please give me a clue?

My setup is:

ISP ---> ADSL router (bridge)---> ASA 5505

Any advice or help would be highly appreciated


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Re: ASA and DSL

ASA does NOT support PPPoA (PPP over ATM, which is handled by the ADSL bridge). You'll need to keep the ADSL router / bridge in the path. The only way to do away with that is to perhaps go with a Cisco 87x (or other ADSL compatible) router with ADSL WAN port integrated (instead of the ASA-5505).

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Re: ASA and DSL

Hi Jefanell,

Thanks a lot:)



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Re: ASA and DSL

Tu sum up - I've seen at least 3 clients using

ASA 5505 and 1 using 5510 that are connected through ADSL with PPPOE dialer configured in ASA

and connected to ADSL modem and as long as ADSL connection is ok (modem, quality of line - all usual things you have with ADSL technology)

all works perfectly well.

PS Historical remark - PIX 501/506 with ADSL dialer and ADSL modem is the most popular solution for Small Businesses to have broadband access and has been working since ages, so why not ASA?

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