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ASA and the OSPF reference bandwidth

Hello all,

I'm planning to modify my OSPF config on all routers with the command:

auto-cost reference-bandwidth 100000

But it doesn't look like the ASA supports this command. Can anyone comment on how the ASA is going to handle a route it learns via OSPF that includes routes generated by/through routers with a bandwidth reference set this high?

Comments on using the auto-cost reference-bandwidth command in general are also appreciated.



Re: ASA and the OSPF reference bandwidth

The security appliance supports these OSPF features:

1)Support of intra-area, interarea, and external (Type I and Type II) routes.

2)Support of a virtual link.

OSPF LSA flooding.

3)Authentication to OSPF packets (both password and MD5 authentication).

4)Support for configuring the security appliance as a designated router or a designated backup router. The security appliance also can be set up as an ABR. However, the ability to configure the security appliance as an ASBR is limited to default information only (for example, injecting a default route).

5)Support for stub areas and not-so-stubby-areas.

6)Area boundary router type-3 LSA filtering.

The document present in the url below describes how to configure the Cisco ASA to learn routes through Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), perform authentication, and redistribution:

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