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ASA Backup / Restore issue


We are testing our disaster recovery on our primary ASA 5510. We used Backup Configurations within the ASDM and then used Restore Configurations on our second ASA 5510.

Both running 9.1.4, ASDM 7.2.1

The ASAs were then swapped and at first everything seemed to be working, VPN tunnels came up and internet traffic flowed.

It was noticed that external emails were not coming in, and after checking the Service Policy Rules on the ASAs we found that the inspection rule options were different.

We have compared the running configs of both ASAs and are the same.

Why are the inspect rules different after a restore?

Is there anything else we should be aware of that may not restore?

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I take it this is backup not

I take it this is backup not using an HA failover pair. Does the backup unit have the same module (CSC, IPS, etc.) as the primary unit?

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Yes this was done as a backup

Yes this was done as a backup. The only difference in the 5510's is that the primary was a Security Plus and the restore was on a standard licence.

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