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ASA Bandwidth logging

We're in a semi-managed environment, and I don't have an internet-facing router. Normally, I would grab bandwidth usage stats from the WAN port of a router via SNMP/MRTG. Unfortunately, the router is owned by the hosting company, and we rely on their usage graphs for billing purposes.

Recently, according to them, our bandwidth usage has been increasing. I don't have a reason not to believe them, I just want to keep them honest.

I have an internet-facing ASA. Is there a way to continuously monitor the inbound & outbound traffic counts on the ASA's external interface, save them somewhere, and analyze/graph the results? I want to compare the data to the graphs provided by our hosting company.

Thanks for any assistance.


Re: ASA Bandwidth logging

You could use mrtg with the ASA. Also you can graph directly from the ASDM.


Re: ASA Bandwidth logging

prtg is good too.

i just set it up for a client last week. and it's free for upto a couple of devices. no messy config files like mrtg.

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Re: ASA Bandwidth logging

try this

Vendor Plug: I work for Firewall Analzyer.

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