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ASA - can it restrict internet access?

A customer asked if the ASA can restrict internet access based on login, mac, IP, etc. They're also looking at content filtering, which the content services module will cover.

I just didn't know if the ASA could actually make people log in to get access to the internet, or restrict it based on other atributes.


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Re: ASA - can it restrict internet access?

Was working with a PIX 515 on my final work and was testing it at my home.

With it i could atleast configure a setting which required a user from certain IP address range (for example) to give login info before the PIX passed any HTTP traffic trough it.

This setting was in ASDM at the same place as the ACL settings were etc.

I would presume ASA would have atleast the same options as the PIX 515 had. (7.1(2))

But thats just my guess

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Re: ASA - can it restrict internet access?

Thanks for the reply. Do you have a sample config from your PIX?

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