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ASA CX / PRSM Active/Active Failover?

Hi everyone.


I've spent my last 2 days trying to find something on this matter, but I can't find anything conclusive about it.

I'm trying to find if a 2 ASAs+CX in Active/Active configuration is supported and how to do it.


On one side, on the PRSM configuration guide for 9.2, it says "Active-Standby is the only supported high availability configuration", but I don't understand if it's just for adding devices to PRSM or that an Active/Active configuration is not supported by the CX module.

On the other hand, this forum discussion says that they are using Active/Active with CX.


So, I need to know if it will work. I know that if I use Active/Active I should use contexts, which some are Active on one ASA and others are active on the other one.  I would assume that the CX module configuration should be the same for both ASAs as to support all the networks policies, but I want to know if this will work (I don't want to tell the customer that it'll work and then be stuck with an unsupported and non-working configuration).


Any advice on this? Guides maybe?


Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it can be done. Off-box

Yes, it can be done. Off-box PRSM manages an ASA context like a "separate" ASA. That's when it's managing the ASA configuration itself - distinct from managing the CX module features.

Note however that there is an unresolved bug with CX modules and HA ASA pairs:

The other thing to remember - as you had alluded to - is that the CX configuration is a common one despite there being multiple contexts (with potentially differing security policies with respect to the web filtering and IPS functions they want from the CX) on the box.

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