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Hi experts, Can you explain what are the features if i load WSE license in my asa? Do it have the decryption mechanism? Thanks


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Hi,I think you are talking


I think you are talking about the CX license.

Yes , it has decryption ability.

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Vibhor Amrodia

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Hi Vibhor,Thanks for the

Hi Vibhor,

Thanks for the reply, but how about the WSE license, is this different from the CX license? Do I need to buy the CX license or it is already the base license of the ASA-CX? Also, when we are talking about WSE license, what features are included in that license? Is it automatically included with URL filtering and SIO? Or it is a separate license?



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The CX has 4 licensees that I

The CX has 4 licensees that I am aware of.

Application Visibility and Control

Next Gen IPS

Web Security Essential

K9 (decryption, free, US only)


The difference from the AVC and WSE is that the AVC can react to traffic from a specific program/web app.


After reading your question again, this is from the manual:

"Web Security Essentials license—This subscription-based license allows the use of URL filtering and
the use of web-reputation-based policies. Specifically, you need this license if you want to use URL
objects or web reputation profiles in policies."


I'm not sure if this is the base license however, you can always request a trial license for just about any of the features. Also the CX module comes with a 30 or 90 trial of all the licensees.

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Hi,I think this should have


I think this should have all the information you want:-

Thanks and Regards,

Vibhor Amrodia

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