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ASA file system is read only (SOLVED)

I am working on a customer ASA5525X and have run into a very strange situation. I am able to go into config mode and to make changes. But when I try to save to startup config I get an error message that it failed because the file system is read only. I also get a similar message about file system is read only if I attempt to copy new code to disk0.


Has anyone had symptoms like this for an ASA? Anyone have suggestions what to do about it? Current version is 9.1(1).





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Hi Rick,I have seen the ASA

Hi Rick,

I have seen the ASA report file system errors when trying to upgrade 9.1(1) directly to 9.1(3). The release notes do note that you have to go up to 9.1(2) first. When you go that path, the error doesn't manifest.

I've not seen that issue when doing a simple configuration change though.

Hi Rick,

Hi Rick, We have a 5525-X but never had this problem. It could be some RADIUS or TACACS+ issue? Try 'copy run disk0:'
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It has taken longer than I

It has taken longer than I expected but we have resolved the issue and I want to report back on this. It turns out that the error reporting that the file system is read only was caused by errors on the disk. I did open a case with TAC who diagnosed it as disk errors. Their first suggestion was to format the disk. We did that and then had to restore the entire content of the disk (no surprise there). It provided temporary relief. It did allow us to save the config, and to upgrade code (now running 9.1(5)). But pretty soon the problem came back. So TAC generated an RMA. We swapped out the original ASA last Thursday and it looks like our problem is resolved.





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Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know the final resolution, Rick.

Another data point in the universe of odd ASA behavior is always good to have. :)

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 Thanks for updating us


Thanks for updating us Rick



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