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ASA geographic / long distance LAN failover

Has anybody got recent experiance / case studies for long distance LAN failover? I have found this site, which shows an example using PIX and 6.2 Code

However I would be interested in any experiances using more recent hardware and software.

Also, is it possible/practical to have more that two devices in the cluster. I am investigating the possibility of local failover within a site, and geographic failover if there is a total site failure.


Re: ASA geographic / long distance LAN failover

It is not possible to have more than two asa's in a failover pair. If you need higher redundancy or load balancing, add another failover pair and adjust the routing tables accordingly - you still have to maintain a configuration for each failover pair though.

I've never set up failover across a long distance. As long as it meets the IP addressing and delay requirements across monitored interfaces you should be alright.

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Re: ASA geographic / long distance LAN failover


It's been 4 years since your question and I was wondering if you were lucky on implementing more than 2 devices on an ASA cluster? I'm thinking on having a Primary cluster (Active/Standby) in one site and a 3rd device as a 2nd standby in the second site.

Thakns in advance!

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