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ASA Hot Temperature

Hi anybody,

I have a new Cisco ASA5520, and no have any configuration (only management interface is configured). But when power on, it heats and the fan accelerates.

What can be the problem? Can I verify the temperature of the appliance?

The cpu load is 1% and memory usage is 30%.

Thanks and best regards.


Re: ASA Hot Temperature

Hi Andre,

I think you have answered your own question. If the box feels hot then the fan is probably not working. I don't know of any show command, including show tech-support which will give the temperature of the box.

If the rest of your equipment is ok and the server room temperature is normal, then you should backup the configuration before the box has a thermal breakdown. Send it back to Cisco for replacement if you have a service contract.

Hope this helps.

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Re: ASA Hot Temperature

Cisco ASA runs a *LOT* hotter than the PIX ever used to.

With no cables connected to it, after a couple of minutes the fans blow out hot air!

Although this doesn't seem right, it does not interfere with it's operation. I have 4 in 1 rack and they run fine with very average room cooling.

Re: ASA Hot Temperature


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