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ASA issue - Radius


Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(1)

Device Manager Version 6.4(1)

We have an ASA 5505 on all our sites.  The ASA is connected to a secondary ISP for redundancy.  It has an IPSec VPN connection back to HQ. 

Issue:  We have TACACS and FreeRADIUS implemented on a server back at HQ. I will add in a rule to the INSIDE interface that allows tacacs and radius respectively.  When I test my tacacs authentication, its successful.  When I go to test my radius, it fails.  Both services are on the same server.  I have moved the radius ACL up to the top of the ACL list, still not working.  I have added a rule in my crypto map, still not working.  Packet tracer just says an implicit rule is denying but it wont say which one.  I'm at a loss.  It seems it has to do with UDP protocol for radius because Tacacs works fine.  I have added rules all over the place and it has been denied. 

aaa-server radius protocol radius
aaa-server radius (inside) host 192.168.50.X SECRET
authentication-port 1812
accounting-port 1813
aaa-server tacacs protocol tacacs+
aaa-server tacacs (inside) host 192.168.50.X SECRET

access-list inside extended permit tcp 10.2.X.0 host 192.168.50.X eq tacacs

access-list inside extended permit udp 10.2.X.0 host 192.168.50.X range radius radius-account

Cisco Employee

ASA issue - Radius


The actual problem you're hitting is this one:

NOW... you might be lucky if you upgrade your ASA to something containing fix to:


However I will not make any guarantees.

Open up a TAC case if you want to have troubleshooting assistance.


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