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ASA: NAT & Multicast

Hi All,

I need to know if the ASA 5580 (version 8.1) supports NAT for Multicast traffic....

Thank you!!


Cisco Employee

Re: ASA: NAT & Multicast

This is new feature in 8.2 code.

Pls. refer this link:

• Multicast group Network Address Translation (NAT): Multicast applications include distance learning, telemedicine, and financial applications. The multicast group NAT feature enables the separation of internal multicast streams from external multicast streams for added security.

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Re: ASA: NAT & Multicast

Thank you very much!

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Re: ASA: NAT & Multicast


We are trying to NAT a multicast group through an ASA 5510 running 8.2.1. We have it in routed mode and the group exists on the inside, and we want it to be on the outside. We can NAT the source, but need the group to be translated. Am I correctly understanding that this is a new feature in 8.2.1? If so, can you provide pointers to working configs?

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: ASA: NAT & Multicast

static (outside,inside) netmask

What that line does is destination NAT. The packets that arrive on the inside interface destined to will be changed ot on the outside

You need to provide source address translation for your source if you need to.


New Member

Is there a feature

Is there a feature specification for Multicast group NAT?

I see on your example that one group address is translated to another group address. More specificaly I'm interested on a Multicast group being translated to a unicast address and viceversa?

New Member

Sometimes I'm very annoyed by

Sometimes I'm very annoyed by the way Cisco represents the information about a particular topic. The question was asked about NAT and multicast and the answer is absolutely perfunctory and non-relevant. People asking the question of NAT support of multicast on ASA don't need to know what applications use multicast. Moreover, there's no Cisco guide shedding any word how to configure NAT for multicast. Any documentation about multicast support for ASA software just doesn't mention it. Why does Cisco representative points to the generic article that doesn't bear any technical information other then product bulletin ?

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