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ASA Natting over VPN loses connection to management


I have an ASA that I downgraded from 9.1(4) to 9.0(3) for the problem I'm about to describe, and it didn't fix it. Here's the deal:


I need to nat over a vpn tunnel. The tunnel works fine, but I cannot ping to/from my internal interface. The nat rule looks like this:


nat (inside,outside) source static LAN-VPN LAN-Translated destination static DSTNetwork DSTNetwork


object network LAN-VPN


object network LAN-Translated



The inside interface of the ASA is When I ping anything across the vpn tunnel sourced from the inside interface, it times out. If I ping from a server to a server across the vpn, it works fine.


So, I've found route-lookup, but for every example I've found, they're not natting. Also, I can't enable it anyway because it throws an error due to the natting config:

ERROR: Option route-lookup is only allowed for static identity case


How can I enable communications to the inside interface over a natted vpn tunnel. Oh, I have management-access inside enabled already, so that's not it - along with the policy map to perform inspects.



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 This generally doesn't work


This generally doesn't work because the rule processing for putting traffic into the VPN happens in part due to the access-list on the inside interface that's associated with the cryptomap for the site-site VPN. If the traffic is initiatied by the interface itself, the access-list never gets considered and thus the traffic is not encapsulated in IPsec and sent via the tunnel.

Marvin,Thanks for the reply.


Thanks for the reply. I'm not 100% certain that's what is going on though. I can change the acl to not nat over the tunnel, and it works fine. For example, my real subnet is, but while going over the vpn I nat to If what you're saying was the issue, then technically it wouldn't work even when not natting, correct?


I resolved the issue by not natting, but this isn't a good solution. The problem is that we have a hosted solution for one of our applications. Our vpn sites use a 10.78.x.x/24 subnet whereas the hosted site also uses 10.78.x.x in some cases. We haven't had to yet, but there's the possibility of us standing up a site that they use in the same range, and we've been told that we're going to be the side that has to nat. One thought that I had was that I could nat when only going to that site, and that would very well fix the issue I believe, but if we were to nat everything, then that's going to cause us to not be able to ping the inside interface any longer. There was absolutely nothing that I could do to get this to work other than disabling nat across the tunnel completely.

The only thing that I didn't try was to create a host for my inside interface to do a 1-1 nat instead of relying on the subnet object to do the 1-1 nat for me. I don't know; I'm grasping at straws here...




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